Bioreactor Models

Efficient in vitro production of plant propagules for planting or production of plant metabolites are based on bioreactors1. BSI offers two versions of temporary-immersion bioreactors: BSI Bioreactor Basic is designed for growth and development of plant propagules that do not require directional growth such as callus cultures and cultures of somatic embryos2,3. The BSI V-Germination Bioreactor Plant is designed for plant propagules benefiting from directional growth such as shoots and germination of conifer somatic embryos.

The BSI Bioreactors

  • operate by periodic immersion to full immersion controlled by a timer or a centralized computer
  • are built from a fully transparent, special bio-compatible polycarbonate plastic with only a few robust parts requiring minimal assembly for use
  • are designed for ease of handling, stable sterile operation, can be repeatedly autoclaved without damage to the material and do not scratch easily



BSI Bioreactor Basic


  BSI V-Germination Bioreactor Plant

The Basic and V-Germination Plant bioreactors can be  scaled-up for large-scale production with centralized control

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