Scalable Bioreactor Facility


Bioreactors are usually arranged on mesh type shelves in groups of 48.  Within the group, there are six banks each of eight bioreactors.  Each bank is connected to a manifold. The six manifolds are then connected to single or multiple solenoid valves and timers depending on the preference for culture practices for the plant material. For larger number of bioreactors there is a programmable digital controlling system available. Smaller systems in groups of two, four or eight are also possible.

Larger bioreactors are available for scale-up operations.

BSI can provide installation and full training for operation of the bioreactor facility.

To obtain pricing, please Contact Us with the following information:

– Type of organization: for-profit , non-profit , non-profit and educational, or Government
– If you have pressurized air in your facilities
– Power: 120V or 220V
– Number of bioreactors (normally we provide groups of 48)