Medium Production, Sterilization and Aliquoting

In large-scale in vitro plant production facilities based on bioreactor cultures, it is not cost-effective to autoclave medium. The more cost-effective approach is filter sterilization of medium with an automated process including aliquoting the sterile medium into multiple flasks in parallel.  Furthermore, filter sterilization of media is superior to autoclaving in terms of preserving the activity of medium ingredients.  BSI has unique designs for easy sterilization and aliquoting into flasks without need to use an autoclave for the medium preparation.  For small, medium and large production facilities, the sterile medium is transferred to 1, 12, or 48 flasks at a time.  This process significantly reduces labor and allows the autoclave to be used only for sterilization of solid objects.

BSI Sterile Filtration and Aliquoting System